Price $250.00

About This Basket

When you want to WOW them! This decadent basket has it all, our all time favorites and new must haves. 

The Showstopper includes Tate's cookies, French Twist puff pastries, gourmet pretzels and dipping mustard, Justin's Nut Mix*, Dried Fruit Mix*, Meredith's Mess*, Deluxe Mixed Nuts*, Nature's Best Mix*, spice drops, chocolate kisses, spearmint leaves, nonpareils, chocolate pretzels, malt balls, caramel creams, Haribo fruit salad, Renay's Dilemma Mix*, dark chocolate almonds, strawberry Kookaburra licorice, veggie chips, chocolate covered graham crackers, chocolate covered potato chips, white chocolate toffee pistachios, Very Berry Mix*, homemade cookies, schnecken and chocolate Wilbur buds ....
phew, that's a lot! 

 * Justin's Nut Mix: roasted and salted peanuts, roasted and salted cashews, roasted and salted almonds with skins, dark flame raisins and chocolate candy buttons 

* Meredith's Mess: white chocolate chips, raspberry cranberries, no-salt dry roasted almonds, no-salt cashews, pecan halves and Thompson raisins 

* Nature's Best Mix: walnut pieces, raw almonds, Turkish apricots, dark flame raisins, golden raisins and raw pepita 

* Deluxe Mixed Nuts: dry roasted almonds, filberts, brazils, non-salted cashews and pecan halves 

* Renay's Dilemma Mix: hickory smoked almonds, peanuts, cashews, sesame sticks and noshies (a Japanese rice delight) 

* Dried Fruit Mix: peaches, pears, white apples, true ripe apricots, jumbo prunes, black mission figs, Calimyrna figs, Turkish apricots and plums 

* Very Berry Mix: chocolate covered cherries, blueberries and strawberries


Basket styles and contents may vary depending on availability. We reserve the right to make substitutions of equal value.